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Corona Virus Update COVID-19 SCS


With the Worldwide Pandemic COVID-19

Some items are no longer available for Sale due to a shortage and all stock have quite rightly so been Acquired by the NHS to keep us all safe. 



Hand soaps and wipes

Sanitising cleaning Items.

As soon as Stocks are available we will let you know but if you would like to e mails us we will gladly keep you on notified of exactly when we will have stocks available. 

Take care and keep Safe. 

Please e mail your details to with the subject like KEEP ME INFORMED FOR and the items you require

also see our sister site for your Signage requirements

Note at this time we are encountering a very large number of enquiries and we are not able calls from numbers our system does not recognise. This is to keep the lines free for our customers to get there regular supplies. 

Please E mail 

We will get back to you. 

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